Free Spirit Karate - Shukokai

Free Spirit Karate is a registered member of the Cobra Martial Arts Association, further details can be seen at .

Thank you for your interest in joining FreeSpiritKarate and learning the style of Shukokai , an historic style of karate whose origins are well documented on the internet. The following link gives you a great insight into the shukokai creation the “way for everyone”.

First of all let me give you a brief overview of myself and my karate background.

I have a fully checked background from a CRB Disclosure  ( ( if such evidence is required please just ask), this can also be confirmed via the website.


I started learning Shukokai karate at the age of 19 years under the direction of Sensei Kevin Derrett 1st Dan, then under Sensei Adam Longson 2nd Dan at the then Glossop SKU.

I achieved my 1st Dan in June 1993 in front of the Skukokai Karate Union the  I took over the Glossop SKU in 1993 until 1996 when I joined the Greater Manchester Police and due to shifts was unable to continue running the club.

I continued my membership and training with the SKU under the instruction of Sensei Damien McLaughlin 8th Dan who now runs and then under the instruction of Sensei Craig Murphy 7th Dan

I have additionally trained with my friend Sensei Tony Cornett 5th Dan

I hold a Red licence with the SKU as a life time member (in my case 26 years membership). During my time with the SKU I attended many courses run by Sensei Stan Knighton 10th Dan.

In  2012  I was invited by Sensei Andy Morrell 8th Dan (CMAA Founder, President and good friend ) as part of Police Martial Arts to grade for my well overdue 2nd Dan.

On October 13th 2012 after a very long day I was awarded my 2nd Dan by the CMAA grading panel in Shukokai Karate, presented to me by Sensei Julian Mallalieu 7th Dan from

I have now moved associations and Free Spirit Karate - Shukokai is a member of the Cobra Martial Arts Association.

Having witnessed other styles also take part in this grading I felt I could expand my learning by becoming a member of CMAA, and an opportunity was presented to me to again teach at my own club, and with the encouragement of Sensei Morrell Free Spirit Karate - Shukokai was born which I hope will not only develop to be a great fun place to learn the “body mechanics” of Shukokai kartate but will become a “way of life” for all who enter the dojo.

On the 12th October 2015 I was awarded my 3rd Dan in Shukokai Karate by the Cobra Martial Arts Black Belt Grading Board. My journey has continued since as Free Spirit Karate.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me at

Sensei Jed Stubbs 4th Dan.

Assistant Instructors



Senior Instructors

Jack Dey-Stubbs 3rd Dan Shukokai Karate

Dave Wilmot 2nd Dan Shukokai Karate

Mark Ryan 2nd Dan Shukokai Karate

Kevin Derrett 2nd Dan Shukokai Karate

Jennifer Ryan  2nd Dan Shukokai Karate


Junior Instructors

Finley Draper 1st Dan

Joseph Eaton 1st Dan

Morgan Kaiser 1st Dan

Harvey Pearson 1st Dan

Alex Patterson 1st Kyu

Thomas Sigley 1st Kyu

Kallum Makin 1st Kyu

Josh Wilmot 1st Kyu